How to Increase Website Traffic

I am currently writing a pretty comprehensive guide on how to increase website traffic, however in the mean time I am going to give you a couple of quick fix solutions which will show you how to increase website traffic temporarily.

Quick fix traffic increase solutions give a poor long term return on time invested, however they can sometimes give you a few additional benefits, not least of which is organic do follow backlinks from people who find your site, and find it interesting.

Quick Fix Number One – Social Bookmarking

Okay, so I might have dismissed social bookmarking in previous articles, but when it comes to quick fix, a little luck, talent, and timing can go a long way.  I am of course talking about the Digg Effect. When many people first start trying to learn how to increase website traffic you can pretty much guarantee they will waste hours on social bookmarking. Though they may waste hours in the long run, some people still get a bit of luck, and succeed with the Digg Effect.

Social bookmarking traffic is short term, and the link itself will be no-follow.  but if you get thousands of hits in a few days, you might just get a few decent do follow links coming back to your article!

Quick Fix Number Two – Paid Advertising

It might be expensive, but paying for an advert on a top website can often lead to a huge number of organic backlinks. The real downside of buying a high quality link is usually the cost, which can rise to $300 a month.  It can often have long standing benefits however, and if you do it right, you might earn more from sales due to the website  traffic increase you should see!

Quick Fix Number Three – Email Campaign

Whether you use your own mailing list, someone else’s mailing list, or get your link placed on an established newsletter, non spam email campaigns can be highly effective.  Remember however that this is purely one off, and is unlikely to even create a single organic do follow backlink. The good thing is that if you pay for a decent placement, a good email campaign will give you great exposure, and might get you some regular returning visitors as well.

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Skill or Luck in SEO?

There are plenty of people out there who will tell you a lot about SEO, whether they know the answers or not.  But when you really get talking to the experts you will always notice that at some point they will say how part of every success is luck.

The world of SEO is to put it bluntly, complicated, and while there are many things to do which will increase your chances of success, many people now argue that luck is simply one of the biggest SEO factors.

Before I go any further, I think I should state that I agree with this theory, but I would modify it a little.  I believe that,

“Luck is a big part in SEO, but you need to work hard on your SEO to make sure that when luck comes along, your work is as receptive as possible.”

Now what I have said here so far is pretty common knowledge, but the truth is that people can hear this, process it, understand it, but not ask the actual real question.

What is Luck? And how can we quantify luck and manufacture it to our advantage?

In truth Luck should not be a factor in SEO.  Google has a set formula for it’s search rankings, so in theory we should be able to decode it, and know exactly how to make a website successful.  In reality, this is easier said than done.  The Google Algorithm has near to 300 components, which decide where a website should go for every single imaginable keyword.

Testing minute changes to figure out exactly how a website is affected by small changes in specific areas is rendered impossible by the lag of time in which the Internet updates, and of course a single link, mention, or track back to any competing website as well as the site being tested could sqew the entire test.

Despite the daunting sound of this, there are several SEO factors which are well known and proven to be a major component in the SEO world.


Baclinking is how Google knows your site is liked by others. There are plenty of components to backlinking which govern how much each backlink benefits a website.

Keyword Optimization

Making sure your keywords are prevailent in SEO on any webpage is inredibly important.  Google wants to make sure that what you have on your webpage is relevant to what the searcher wants to read.


Many self proclaimed Internet gurus will discount PageRank as no longer being important.  Unfortunately these same people will also talk about the value of backlinks.  Just so everyone knows, page rank is the visual indication of the strength of a website, the higher the PR the higher the value of any links on it pointing to your own website.

Finding the other factors is a matter of dedication and luck, keep checking up on Traffic to my Blog though, as I will be talling you all about ranking factors in an upcoming post!

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Does Google Page Rank Matter?

You would not believe how many times I am asked every week ‘does page rank matter’.  The simple answer is ‘Yes’.

You will see many self proclaimed SEO experts talk about the value of backlinks, but dismiss PR as irrelevant. However Google Page Rank is Google’s Measurement of incoming backlinks and their value. When these SEO Experts dismiss PR and disagree that Page Rank matters, they are infact saying that backlinks are unimportant, which often contradicts what they are saying about backlinks directly.

The pagerank of a webpage is calculated independently for each webpage (not website) on the Internet. Page Rank is calculated in varying ways, and there are currently only estimations which can guide you on using backlinks to increase your page rank. Despite this the most accurate way to gauge Page Rank is by gaining backlinks to your own webpage, so don’t be confused, page rank does matter.

Of course it is important to point out that a high page rank does not automatically mean a number one Google Position, I have PR1 webpages beating PR5 webpages. But since Page Rank is basically a visual display of Googles Link Value algorithm, it is a good guide to how many backlinks a site has, and their value.  The rest of Googles ranking algorithm is rumored to have nearly 300 components, which help to decide the relevance of a webpage, Page Rank is but a small part of that complex world which I have had to explore to bring traffic to my blog!

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How To Make Money Online – The Five Best Article Websites

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The Five Best Article Websites

There are five main free websites I use to build backlinks, find traffic, sell products, and put up pay per click adverts. Each one of these websites has it’s own benefits and it’s own downfalls. While some sites are better than others, you can easily follow my example of how I drive traffic to my blog, without spending a penny, and usually earning a few instead!


Blogger is probably the most well known of the websites which I use.  However if you are careful to avoid spammy content you can easily make advertising revenue from pay per sale, and pay per click methods.

It is also a piece of cake to make Dofollow backlinks to your own webpages. The benefit of this becomes even greater if you manage to get your blogger page up to PR 4 or PR5. This is surprisingly achievable, and can give a good boost to your other webpages.

eZine Articles

eZine Articles does not provide any pay, and no adverts of yours will appear on the article. eZine articles is in fact all about the backlinks.

We will be going in to backlinks in more detail shortly, however the long and the short of it is that you really want Do Follow backlinks. You might not get much backlink quality off eZine articles itself, however this service makes your work available to others for free, on the basis that they leave your signature backlinks with the article.

If you are lucky, your article can get picked up by hundreds of websites, all passing a nice do-follow backlink straight back to your website.

The downside of eZine articles is that many people who use your article will just cut off your links at the end. This is annoying, and means you lose the benefit of the backlink, however trying to keep up with everyone that does this is near impossible.


Hubpages is by far my favorite dofollow article submission website,  It’s benefits include

Mix all these benefits together with a friendly, helpful community and an incredibly easy to use layout tool make Hubpages one of the best online article websites around.

The layout tool by the way is excellent, it works with modules for text, pictures, links and so on to easily allow you to place your adverts in and around your text!

She Told Me

She Told Me is more or less a social bookmarking website, however I included it here because a) it’s dofollow, and b) if you actually write a related unique article and then submit it linked to your Hubpages URL you can find yourself receiving some great free traffic, as well as a little cash from Chitika and Adsense.


Unlike my other tools Xomba is nofollow.  This makes it pretty useless for SEO purposes.  However Xomba does seem to have a pretty big knack of getting to the top of Google, making it a brilliant way to pull in some extra traffic, and with it’s Adsense revenue sharing program, you can even make a little cash too!

By using these five tools effectively you will soon be earning money online, and learning how I get traffic to my blog.  The next two articles will be going over some simple  on page optimization tips, namely Keyword Optimization and Image Optimization.

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How to Make Money Online – SEO & Backlinks (A Beginners Introduction to Backlinks in SEO)

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The word backlinks is thrown around a lot in the world of SEO, and the truth is backlinks are important. This post will guide you through the basics of Backlinks, which you will need later on to deal with our more complex backlinking techniques.

What is a Backlink?

This question ‘What is a Backlink?’ is one I see all too often, and the answer is very simple indeed.

A backlink is a link from another website to your own website, or page within your website.

That is it!

In Traffic to My Blog we will be guiding you through steps on how to increase website traffic with good backlinking SEO techniques, however it is very important that you understand the fundamentals of backlinks.

Backlinks come in TWO main forms. the usefulness of a backlink to your site is judged by one little bit of code, this code is

<a rel="nofollow" href="">Example</a>

The bit of code which makes the difference here is rel=”nofollow”. In normal, or ‘DoFollow’ links, this little bit of extra code does not exist. If a link to your website does contain this bit of code, it is considered ‘NoFollow’

So what is the difference between a DoFollow link and a NoFollow link?

Well to talk about this I need to quickly mention Page Rank, commonly referred to as ‘PR’ When you see the acronym PR it will often be followed by a number between one and ten, for example most of my websites are between PR2 and PR6.

PR is a measure of how much Google ‘values’ your website, so a high quality website may have a PR of eight.

The main factor affecting Google Page Rank is DoFollow backlinks. A No Follow backlink means no page rank increase, which in turn means a much lower chance of your website increasing in Google Search Positions.

A key part of any SEO campaign is a good Do Follow backlinking strategy, of course this also means that most social bookmarking tools are worth much less, since many of them incorporate NoFollow links, which do not benefit your website.

No Follow links still mean that traffic will come to your website, they simply do not pass along any page value, or ‘Link Juice’ as it is known in SEO circles.

Getting high quality DoFollow backlinks can be quite hard, and your best bet is to use an article website such as Hubpages, or a DoFollow Social Bookmarking tool such as She Told Me.

The other minor warning I should give is that reciprocal links (Ie. when you offer to link to a website if they link back to you in return) give a much lower ‘link quality’. While reciprocal links will not adversely affect your website, unless it is spammy reciprocal links, they give much lower benefits than one way unique backlinks.

You can learn more about backlinks on my article The Truth About Backlinks.

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Page Load Speed in SEO

The page load speed of a website has often been part of SEO folklore as part of the Google SERPs (Search Engine Ranking Position) algorithm.  Needless to say, Google has kept tight lipped about this, with only a slight mention from Matt Cutts in the last few years.

On Friday however Google have finally cleared up the years of speculation with a rather low key blog post Here, which talks about the importance of page load speed, how it is important to visitors of a website, and how it will now have a minor role in Google’s SERP Algorithm.

This change came in several weeks ago, and many webmasters have predicted this announcement after Google Webmaster Tools hada  small Beta addition which recorded page load speed of a site. However, in total this algorythm addition is believed to have affected less than 1% of websites, so if you are one of the lucky/unlucky 100,000,000, then please tell us how it has affected you!

If you think your site may have been adversely affected by these changes you should definately check out tools such as Google’s Page Speed Tool and Yahoo’s YSlow. However both these tools require the Firefox Firebug addon, and are very complicated.

For novice webmasters you might want to check out which provides some simple graphical results as well as some tips on how to improve your websites page load performance!

When you first see your speed test results they will often look suprisingly bad, after all, how often do you optimize your websites speed?

A decade ago page load speed was a big thing, with 56k modems still the major internet access route.  During these times page load optimization was hugely important. Nowadays people often have connection speeds of up to 20Mb, graphics load instantaneously, and most people are not aware of the vast chunks of information which are passed between your webserver and your visitors computer.

Despite these rapidly growing connection speeds, page load speed is still an issue, with your own website often being the bottle neck.  Improving your page load speed with the above tools can help give your visitors a better experience, not to mention increase your own SERPs!

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How To Make Money Online – Keyword Research

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Keyword Research

Keyword Research is one of the most integral parts of your money making venture.  You need to find a niche which you can occupy with relative easy, find what keywords visitors are searching for, and then use the keywords effectively to make sure you are the top of Google.

But how do you know which keywords you should be using?

First off, always try and find a topic which you enjoy writing about, and which you have some background knowledge in.  This will make life infinitely more simple.  Later on when you have grown more established you can begin to diversify, up until that day however, you want to be able to spiel out some interesting, keyword rich content.

When you have chosen your overall topic, it’s time to look at what particular sector you want to delve in to.

You might start off with a subject such as technology, but that is way too broad, you will never get increased traffic like that, and I have never got traffic to my blog by making broad based tech posts.

Likewise going after the iPhone nich might seem profitable, however you will be up against some IMMENSE competition,

But what about iPhone apps, now we are getting somewhere, still a lot of competition, but not quite so much. Narrow it down just a little bit further.

iPhone Business applications, free iPhone applications, language iPhone applications, we suddenly have as many possibilities as our imagination can come up with. Now all that is left is to choose the topic.  this is easier said than done, but fortunately we have a little bonus tool in our corner to help us find the best keywords!

The Google Keyword Tool is a great way to see what people are currently paying Google Adwords (Which feeds AdSense) and helps you see not only what the value of a click might be, but also how many searches there are for your keyword. This gives you a mild indication of the traffic you could receive, and the value it is worth.

You will also notice a green bar called advertiser competition the fuller this green bar, the more stable you will find the keyword values!

Remember though, Adsense will not be your only earner here.  If you are using Hubpages then you will also be looking to find keywords which will draw in potential buyers on Amazon and eBay.

When you pick out your keywords, try to find a few slight variations, these will come in handy later on.

The Google Keywords tool is not your only tool for finding the best keywords for Google, you can also use free tools such as Traffic Travis or Traffic Travis Pro, which costs a little more bt provides a lot more detail!

Now that you have your keywords though, we can begin to write our very first article, however we do need to go over the five article platforms I have recommended.

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How To Make Money Online – Free Tools and Services

This entry is part of a series, MakeMoneyOnline»

Most of the tools and services I use to generate traffic, backlinks, and webspages are completely free.  These services will allow you to promote your content, and some of them have advertising revenue sharing, helping you to make the most of everything you do online.

I will be going through each product in detail later on, in the meantime, you might as well sign up to all these services now.

While you will be able to do most of the for free, you might want to set up your own website and domain anyway, this is fine, and can often be a great way to expand your business.  I get traffic to my blog through many websites that I host seperately!

If you are looking to buy just one website I would suggest going with Go Daddy, however if you plan to build your own empire of websites, check out Servage (25GB extra storage with my link!).  Servage also comes with a free domain, however I would stil buy future domains through GoDaddy, and link them to my Servage hosting account to save money.

When it comes to high quality free websites I will be teaching you to use four major websites. These will help to bring you traffic, increase your backlinks, and improve your Google rankings to increase organic search traffic.

My Top Free Article Websites

I will go through each of these services, and how you need to use them, since some have extra benefits, and others have some minor downsides.

Affiliate Programs You Will Need


Amazon Associates



eBay Partner Network


I will show you how to use all of these effectively to net yourself the most profit possible from your website visitors, and how I increase traffic to my blog to make the most out of these affiliate programs!

Once you have signed up to all of these programs, you are ready to start forming your online presence, and start earning money online. But first we need to do a little bit of keyword research!

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How To Make Money Online – Introduction

This entry is part of a series, MakeMoneyOnline»


In the following course I will be providing some fantastic techniques which will allow you to make money online completely FREE.  This means that you wont have to buy a domain, pay for hosting, or any similar webmaster costs, unless of course you want to.  I will be including advice for those people who decide they want to own their own website, but you can earn a sizable income online without having to do so.

I think it is important to break the misconception right now that making moeny online is easy.  I can speak from experience when I say that making money online involves a lot of hard work, research, and a little bit of luck!

Some of the techniques I am going to show you in the coming articles will help you earn money online, but unless you are willing to work hard creating UNIQUE quality content which is SEO optimized, and then keep up with an effective internal and external link building strategy, you will find little success.

The Traffic to My Blog website is going to be the home of this multi-part series and in it I will discuss how I get traffic to my blog, and my other free sites which I use to make money online.

I find it quite annoying sometimes because my highest earning websites are actually those which I have spent absolutely nothing on.  No hosting fees, no domain, not a penny on ‘SEO Services’.   Despite ZERO financial investment, I have turned some free websites in to huge money making ventures.

So if you think you can put in the effort, I am going to show you the free tools which will make you money online!

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Is Social Bookmarking Good SEO?


Social Bookmarking Tools

Social bookmarking has been around for several years now, and along with it came the first real mass appearance of the No-Follow link.  With the wide range of social bookmarking tools came a new era of SEO, and SEO submission services, which boasted huge traffic results to your websites.

Despite this, the truth might not be quite as grandiose as they made it seem. For this reason I am going to break down what a NO FOLLOW social bookmarking tool will give you.

The key to a high PR and good Google ranking has always been link juice.  However, No Follow links provide NO link juice, so will not benefit your site in any way in regards to getting a better rank in Google.

Another commonly quoted, but dead wrong, assumption is that social bookmarking will get your pages indexed by Google faster. Again, No Follow social bookmarking links will not be crawled by Google, Yahoo, or Microsoft Bing.  This means a social bookmarking link will not help your site get indexed faster if it is a no follow link.

Now this can actually be true, social bookmarking often brings increased traffic to my blog, especially if you have the good fortune to reach the front page of a website such as Digg.  Unfortuantely however Social Bookmarking traffic is notoriously poor quality, and will rarely convert in to a sale, or even a click on one of your adverts.

With all these negative thoughts in mind, I would not blame you for thinking social bookmarking is useless, and unfortunately in many ways it is. BUT there is a silver lining.

Every so often someone who views your website with a social bookmarking tool will see your website, and decide to link to it from their own.  This might not seem particularly special, but over the course of a few years, you can amass a huge number of organic backlinks from interested third parties who found your website useful.

These are the links which will help drive your website to the top of the Google search engine rankings, and also introduce your website to more people, who may also be interested in linking to you!

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